Heaven on Earth was established in 1995 by Paula Rainey Crofts and Simon Dorgan, winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award at The Good Funeral Awards 2013.

We are a bespoke funeral directors, serving Bristol and the surrounding area.                            

We are also a Natural Death Centre recommended Funeral Director who specialise in helping families to plan a personal, individual celebration of the life of the person who has died. We offer families and friends the choice to become involved in some or all aspects of the funeral or to allow our professional team to carry out your wishes.  Our unique approach began from Paula & Simon’s own personal experiences of “Victorian-style” funerals within their own familes and felt that a new approach was necessary.

Although we carry out many ‘traditional’ cremations and burials we encourage green funerals and offer the choice of a more ecological alternative. We often use hearses and limousines, but more and more our customers, who are concerned about their carbon footprint, want something different: they prefer using an estate car or a horse drawn hearse instead of gas guzzling black hearses and limousines; they prefer cardboard, willow, bamboo, pandanus (an eco-friendly alternative to seagrass), or banana-leaf coffins, which look just as dignified as the traditional varnished wooden ones, reflecting their concern about the wastefulness of resources. They favour rope handles rather than the traditional plastic brass look-a-like ones. They tell us that they like the idea of returning to nature and we offer woodland and meadow burials with this in mind.

We are able to help you discuss and explore all the possibilities for an individual funeral and consultations can be arranged at our office or we will visit you in your own home.

Our range of funeral services can be tailored to meet your needs whether they be for a cremation or lawn burial or for a garden, meadow or woodland burial. You may like to have a burial at sea. Whichever you choose, we encourage you to become involved in the planning and if desired to decorate the coffin yourselves. We respect the rituals and beliefs of all faiths and cultures and help you to fashion a celebration that is profoundly personal and precious. With poetry, readings and music we endeavour to celebrate the life of the deceased with dignity & respect. To this end we can recommend either religious or secular services and we can recommend christian, buddhist, pagan or humanist celebrants.

Many of our clients want an individual, personal memorial service or celebration for their loved one and we offer a choice of religious, non-religious, humanist, budhhist and multi-faith celebrants. We also encourage families and friends to become involved as we have found that families do the best funerals.